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Introduction Our privacy policy is aimed at informing our website users on the data we collect during registration or order placement. It further informs on how the collected personal details are used. Most importantly, we give you assurance on the security we provide to your personal information and list those instances where we are required to disclose personal information. Our Privacy And Security Pledge It is our administration team’s topmost priority to offer privacy and security to our clients. With that intention, we take every measure to safeguard personal information from possible loss or misuse. Type Of Information That We Collect From Our Website Users There is information that our company has to collect from our website visitors as well as clients using our services. We require clients’ names, emails, and phone numbers. The time that visitors or clients accessed our website is also recorded. Types of browsers used and IP addresses of clients and visitors are also important to note. That being said, however, gathering this information does not at all allow us to share one’s identity. How We Use Collected Information We only make use of such information to ensure that the content on our website is polished in order to improve customer experience. It helps us improve the layout and the welcome messages on our site. Such information cannot be shared, disclosed or sold to third parties. Moreover, our site uses cookies to establish various types of users on our website. A cookie is a unit of information sent to your device from our server. The device stores the cookie for the purposes of accessing the website in future. If a cookie is deleted, one may be unable to access parts of our website as it is with all other websites out there. In addition, we also use log files for the purposes of trend analysis, site administration and tracking movement of users. The cookies help us simplify the navigation of our website. Cookies also give us information regarding similarity in logins, number of website visits from a user and the frequency of service use. As much as we use log files and cookies, we do not allow third parties to access clients’ confidential information. Personal information such as names, emails, and phone numbers, is requested for when registering at our website. Personal details will only be required for the purposes of requesting an order or if the administration team needs to clarify some detail from the client for successful order completion. Instances when personal info can be useful are when a client leaves out instructions, and the support staff needs to reach them. Another example is when a writer has picked a topic for a research paper, and he/ she needs the respective client to approve it before continuing with the order. Why We Require Accurate Information For this reason, therefore, our company requires you to give us correct information when registering at our website. Correct information will help us to provide you with quality paper service. Moreover, personal details are required when processing online payment processing. Information Security The system we process payments with is secure, reliable and does not allow the disclosure of financial data. You don’t need to worry as the data we provide is only accessed by our personnel who cannot publish it, share it or reveal it to others. Lastly, for clients who wish to delete or change their profiles, they can do so by talking to our support staff through live chat, email or by giving them a call. The information we collect about you is accorded electronic and administrative protection. You, therefore, don’t need to worry that someone will use your data to their advantage. To do this, we ensure that servers with private information are secured from unauthorized access. No one can ever tell that you used services from our experienced writers. We guarantee that no sensitive detail you share with us will be exposed for use by third parties. Sharing Of Private Information Between Writers And Customers Writers will never get to know your name. Our essay writers do not even know to whom the papers they write are delivered. Clients as well are expected never to share their email, names, phone numbers or any confidential information with the writers they work with. To ensure privacy is maintained, our company has laid out penalties for those customers or writers who share personal details on the message board. Writers who are found giving emails to customers get their accounts closed, and clients who are caught trying to share contacts are prevented from placing orders at our website. These penalties ensure that we maintain an effective privacy policy. Instances For Disclosure Our company will only disclose client’s personal details if needed to by law or in acts of good faith as compliance to an ongoing legal process or investigation by the authorities. In the process of business expansion, our company may buy or sell stores. In the event of such transactions, customer details are an asset and get transferred. Newsletter Subscription When you register at our website as a client, you become part of our regular newsletter mailings. We usually use emails to notify clients of any promotions or any service/ product updates. We, therefore, use the email you provided during registration to send you our newsletters. Clients and other website users can, however, unsubscribe from these mailings at will. In the event you make such a request, we will stop sending emails to your inbox. You will, however, continue to receive emails regarding orders you have placed on our website since it is important that we keep you informed about developments on your placed order. Information From Children We take children privacy very seriously and in the event that we learn that a client submitting information to us is not of age, we delete their profiles immediately. We have no intention of collecting any details form a child. When parents or guardians make requests to review such deleted info about their kids, we obviously honor such requests. Privacy Relating To Other Websites Our website has links leading to other websites. We would like to make it clear that we are only responsible for privacy practices regarding our website. We do not take or intend to take any responsibility regarding privacy of other websites whose links are found on our website. Once you click a link leading to another website you should be aware that you leave our website and the privacy policies of that other website will apply.