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Confidentiality Policy Full confidentiality is critical if we talk about internet essay writing assistance. We, at Essay-online.com, take confidentiality really strict. Therefore, we promise you absolute confidentiality. But, we require you to follow our confidentiality rules, which will be described below. Why Do We Need This Confidentiality Policy? Unfortunately, we have witnessed some misunderstanding between our writers and customers within some orders as their communication simply ignored the delicate principles of confidentiality. That was the reason why we have decided to develop a Confidentiality Policy. This document tells you about the main principles our Confidentiality Policy includes. Read it carefully because by placing an order at Essay-online.com, you automatically fully agree to our Confidentiality Policy. Key Terms This Confidentiality Policy Includes: It is strictly forbidden to share any kind of personal data with our members. This refers to but not limited to your phone number, name (both first and family), email address, college or university you attend, as well as your home address and similar data about you. We have a great online platform that lets our customers and writers easily work inside it without the necessity of using having any other means of communication. Therefore, in case, there’s a necessity to share a document or other types of additional materials, please ensure you upload them onto your order page or use any cloud data storages, like Dropbox. If the writer is offline, and you urgently need their reply, we encourage you firstly write a message to your writer in the platform and if he or she fails to reply promptly, to create a query for our Support team. We work 24/7 and promise to help you. We discourage our clients from paying the writers directly. Please don’t forget that every single payment is to be made only through our website. Please remain positive and polite when speaking to our writers and other service representatives. Note that any personal information of our client that we may ask you to provide is only used to finalize the order form. All communication between writers and clients are confidential. For any disputes, however, clients may contact us through our 24×7 Support team.