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What are the components of an information system? What are the components of an information system? What are the components of an information system?   Please use 7th edition APA style, in text citations and references. What are the components of an information system? What does ”accessibility” mean in the context of IT systems and how does it apply to health care settings? Provide a specific example to support your rationale. One of the fields that have undergone one transformation after another in the last decades is the healthcare field, largely thanks to information technology. Information technology forms a pillar of the information system (Feldman et al., 2018). In technical terms, the information system can be defined as interrelated components that perform the function of collecting, processing, storing, and distributing information to assist in decision-making and in controlling an entity such as an organization. Information system(IS) has various components, including people, process, data, software, and hardware (Boranbayev et al., 2019). While the hardware refers to the physical gadgets within the system, software entails the programs that run the systems, either application software or system software. On the other hand, data entails a set of instructions, animations, graphics, and statistical information part of the system. Whereas people operate the system, the process entails the instructions, descriptions, and rules that dictate what to be done. Click here to ORDER an A++ paper from our Verified MASTERS and DOCTORATE WRITERS: What are the components of an information system? In the context of information technology systems, accessibility entails making sure that everyone who should be using a specific information system possesses or obtain equivalent experience. An accessible information system implies that every person can interact with the system, navigate, understand and perceive it. No system-related barriers should exist for everyone who equally contributes to the system (Christodoulakis et al., 2017). Accessibility applies to healthcare settings in that there is a lot of patient information that should only be accessed by legitimate individuals to help in offering the appropriate care to individual patients. Besides, every professional involved in patient care should be equipped with the knowledge to understand navigate and efficiently used the system. For instance, a nurse using a patient database to access a patient’s prescriptions for administration should be able to efficiently log into the system and navigate to the correct records.  The technology information system administrators should also put in place the necessary security measures to ensure that unauthorized entry or access to the system is blocked to avoid stealing of information for personal gain. References Boranbayev, A., Boranbayev, S., Nurusheva, A., Seitkulov, Y., & Nurbekov, A. (2019, October). Multi criteria method for determining the failure resistance of information system components. In Proceedings of the Future Technologies Conference (pp. 324-337). Springer, Cham. Christodoulakis, C., Asgarian, A., & Easterbrook, S. (2017, November). Barriers to adoption of information technology in healthcare. In Proceedings of the 27th Annual International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering (pp. 66-75). Feldman, S. S., Buchalter, S., & Hayes, L. W. (2018). Health information technology in healthcare quality and patient safety: literature review. JMIR medical informatics, 6(2), e10264. Order Now