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Second Life Scavenger Hunt: NR 500 Week 6 Assignment Second Life Scavenger Hunt: NR 500 Week 6 Assignment Second Life Scavenger Hunt: NR 500 Week 6 Assignment The assignment must be completed by the end of Week 6 on Sunday, 11:59 p.m. (MT). This assignment is worth 10% of your total grade. See the assignment details below and on the Course Resources page in the Introduction & Resources Module. The Goal of the Second Life Scavenger Hunt The goal of this assignment is to: a) identify the AACN Essentials of Master’s Education in Nursing, b) evaluate the various roles of the master’s prepared nurse, c) conduct a library database search, d) demonstrate application of APA 6th edition format, and e) participate in a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), Second Life (SL). Outcomes of Second Life Scavenger Hunt Courses CO 1: Examine the roles and competencies of master’s-prepared nurses that are required to function as leaders and advocates for holistic, safe, and high-quality care. (PO 1 – 5) CO 3: Examine the essential skills required to lead in the context of complex systems (PO 3, 4) CO 4: Investigate the process of engaging in scholarship to improve health and healthcare outcomes in a variety of settings. (Police Officer 4, 5) Total Number of Points Available This task is worth 100 points. The deadline Submit your file(s) to the NR500 Dropbox by Sunday, 11:59 p.m. MT, at the end of Week 6. Requirements Students will participate in an immersion exercise in a Virtual Learning Environment, Second Life, for this assignment. STUDENTS MUST COMPLETE THE ORIENTATION ON TIME IN ORDER TO COMPLETE THIS ASSIGNMENT. Week 2: Orientation to Second Life (10 points recorded separately for week 6) Weeks 3–6: Students will go on a scavenger hunt and write their answers to the questions on the answer sheet, which will be saved as an MS Word document. NR 500 Scavenger Hunt in Second Life Week 6 Assignment Document in accordance with the instructions, and place it in the appropriate Dropbox folder by the end of Week 6 on Sunday at 11:59 p.m. MT. The AACN Essentials for Master’s Education in Nursing are the focus of the scavenger hunt (2011). These Essentials are available on the AACN website (see Webliography). Getting the paper ready Follow the steps on the Second Life Student Worksheet, which can be found on the Course Resources page in the Introduction & Resources Module. Save the worksheet as a Microsoft Word document in the format: YourName NR500 ScavengerHuntsINSTRUCTIONS Click here to ORDER an A++ paper from our Verified MASTERS and DOCTORATE WRITERS: Second Life Scavenger Hunt: NR 500 Week 6 Assignment Instructions: 1. As you complete the VLE (Second Life) Scavenger Hunt, please record your answers on this worksheet. 2. Save it as a Microsoft Word file in the following format: YourName NR500 ScavengerHunt 3. Upload it to your course page’s Scavenger Hunt folder by the end of Week 6 on Sunday at 11:59 p.m. MT. 4. If you require assistance while in Second Life, please contact the Support Specialist in-world or send an email to vle@whitemouseproductions.com. STATION 1 — Possible Points = 10 You work as a nursing educator in the Hospital Administration Building, where there has been a history of lateral violence. You have been asked to provide scholarly evidence to support a new workplace civility policy. Go to the Administration building’s information database and search on one of the laptops for the article “The Bully Within and Without: Strategies to Address Horizontal Violence in Nursing.” Read the article and identify two strategies for dealing with horizontal violence. You must provide a proper APA reference to back up the identified strategies. Please include the DOI number. Strategies: 1. Collaboration 2. Caring for oneself Reference: K. Melanio (2014). The bully from within and without: Strategies for dealing with horizontal violence in nursing Nursing Forum, 49(3), 151 (doi:10.1111/nuf.12028).     STATION 2 – Possible Points = 10 Attend the conference call in the Conference Room. Track down the Nursing Administrator. Click on her and take note of the quote about nursing leadership that the Administrator tells you. There are numerous issues with healthcare services. We require a nursing leader who can address these challenges by adhering to the highest standards for creating and nurturing quality service delivery systems. Leaders should also strive for high levels of collaboration across all departments to ensure that patients receive high-quality care. As a result, leaders must work to optimize these services in order to improve patient outcomes. STATION 3 – POSSIBLE POINTS = 15 Locate an open patient room in the hospital and make a list of at least three patient safety violations. There are numerous environmental issues at the hospital, including a trash-filled dustbin, broken beds, and filthy curtains. The filthy curtains and overflowing trash cans would pollute the air and make breathing difficult. Similarly, the patient is at risk of injuring himself if he falls from the broken bed. This injury may lengthen their hospital stay and raise their medical bill. To summarize, the patient is living in a filthy and dangerous environment, whereas a clean, safe, and secure environment in hospitals is their fundamental right. The hospital is infringing on this right by providing this filthy and dangerous environment. Order Now