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Quantitative Analysis Psychology: PCN 605 Quantitative Analysis Psychology: PCN 605 Quantitative Analysis Psychology: PCN 605 Details: Create some hypothetical quantitative data from your data collection method based on the research question(s) and experimental design method you completed in Module 6. Write a paper (500-750 words) addressing the following topics: Describe the procedures you would employ to organize data in preparation for analysis. What level (or levels) of measurement do you employ? What methods would you employ to inspect your data? What descriptive statistics would you compute and graph for your data? Provide these descriptive statistics for the fictitious data you created for this assignment. Describe the statistical analyses you might employ to assess the statistical significance of your findings. Johnny is a 9-year-old boy who has been brought to the emergency room where you work as a crisis therapist. The patient was transported by a crisis mobile team that the school had requested. The ER physician’s evaluation, as well as the urine drug screen, are unremarkable: there are no acute or chronic issues with this patient. The DSM-5 Parent/Guardian-Rated Level 1 Cross-Cutting Symptom Measure—Child Age 6–17 form completed by the mother is shown in the chart (attached). According to his admission paperwork, Johnny has been to the principal’s office several times in the last year, all of which have been triggered by various disruptive behaviors. Today’s crisis began when Johnny refused to follow instructions for an in-class assignment. When the teacher tried to PCN 605 Quantitative Analysis in Psychology Things quickly escalated: Johnny yelled at the teacher, cursed at him, and when the teacher grabbed him by the shoulders to take him to the principal’s office, Johnny stabbed the teacher in the arm with a pencil he was clenching in his hand. Johnny was escorted to the principal’s office, where the police and Johnny’s parents were immediately called. The officer was forced to call the county crisis hotline, which dispatched a crisis mobile team. The crisis clinicians determined that Johnny is a danger to others and that he should be taken to the nearest emergency room for immediate psychiatric evaluation. Johnny has refused to speak with either the ER doctor or his nurse. Click here to ORDER an A++ paper from our Verified MASTERS and DOCTORATE WRITERS: Quantitative Analysis Psychology: PCN 605 You get the majority of your clinical information from his mother, who is by his side at the bedside. Johnny’s mother claims that he has always been a bright, charming, and amusing young man. She stated that for the past year, Johnny has become increasingly defiant, repeatedly questioning his mother’s and teacher’s authority when compliance with home and/or classroom rules is required. Johnny was an A+ student in the past. However, over the last year, he has been averaging Bs in most subjects, grades that he has easily earned. His mother assures you over and over that his drop in grades is not due to a lack of intellectual ability, but rather to Johnny’s preference for playing over any type of work. His mother denies any changes in his sleep, appetite, or mood. Furthermore, his mother reports that Johnny is a healthy and happy boy who enjoys sports, the outdoors, and video games and aspires to be a software engineer when he grows up. She claims that Johnny’s school counselor has suggested that he may have ADHD or even bipolar disorder. The thought of these diagnoses appears to be very upsetting to Johnny’s mother. She quickly assures you that she has never seen Johnny suffer from depression or distractibility, and that he has always been a good sleeper. She claims Johnny has never expressed any thoughts or impulses to harm himself or others. Johnny’s mother appears shaken by the events of the day, but she assures you that she will seek any treatment you recommend. At this point, Johnny looks up at you, tears in his eyes, and says he didn’t mean to stab his teacher, explaining that he was just angry when he grabbed him. Johnny’s mother listens and then says that while he usually obeys her, he has always been obedient to his father, a traveling salesman. In fact, Johnny has never challenged his father, and when he is present on weekends, Johnny manages to complete his schoolwork in record time and enjoys spending the majority of his time with his father. Order Now