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PHI 413 Topic 1 DQ 2 What aspects of the topic readings do you find the most interesting PHI 413 Topic 1 DQ 2 What aspects of the topic readings do you find the most interesting This class is the most thought-provoking class I can ever remember taking. I had to really dig deep after reading the first chapter to consider my worldview. I have never been asked to consider my worldview, which consists of my ideas of what reality is and how I interpret these experiences of our world according to my worldview (Bogue & Hogan, 2020). It was not until after I read this first chapter that I started to really understand my own worldview and realized that it has evolved over the years and that each person has their own worldview which may be the reason for how they address certain moral or ethical issues in life and in their professional practice in health care. Although my worldview has evolved, what I do and find meaningful in my life still follows the same moral and ethical compass but realize it has become simplified. At first, I did not think my worldview was religious as I am a Catholic who does not attend Catholic mass any longer. I still consider myself a Catholic and have a strong belief in God and try to live a life of virtue with the help and grace of God. My personal character, morals, values, and conduct have remained pretty much the same all my life and are also incorporated into my professional nursing conduct and practice when caring for my patients and interacting with my coworkers. I believe that I have a good foundation which helps me to make the best ethical decisions in my personal and professional life. I think now that I have really considered what my worldview is, it is important that I am accountable to myself to always bring my very best in my personal and professional practice. These last two years of Covid has been trying times for everyone. It is important that despite how tired, unappreciated or disrespected we feel, we must dig deep if necessary so we can continue to remain kind, compassionate and respectful, to our friends, family, coworkers, patients and strangers. Due to everyone having their own worldview, there are many different views on disease and healing. Some have a scientific or religious approach whereas some may be a mix of both. I think I fall into the category of viewing disease and healing due to my belief in God and what I have learned from science. The story about the 26-week infant with the brain lesion is similar to situations I have experienced in my nursing practice. In this situation I would ask the patient what their faith was and see if they wanted to consult in person with a priest or Chaplin. To withdraw treatment or cause the death of this infant based on what may be this infants prognosis in a few years is wrong in my belief. We do not know what the possible future medical advancements are and that could be very beneficial to this infant to improve their quality of life. This infants life needs to have many people collaborate to do what is best for this child. I do not believe a parent should make this kind of decision based on the infants doctor’s recommendation without consulting a priest and another specialist. I have had to be with a baby who was born too early or had congenital health problems that were not compatible with life. One time stands out was when the parents did not want to hold their infant child as it took its last breaths. The nurses were told take the baby out of the patients room at their request and put the baby in the nursery. The doctors were surprised the 20-week baby was born alive and continues to have a heartbeat for almost half an hour. It was heartbreaking. I provided comfort care for this baby and cried when the heartbeat stopped. I tried to keep my emotional wall up but it was just too sad, I could not keep it together. I did not judge this infant parents for not wanting to hold and comfort their baby while it died. I offered my patient compassion and condolences as I continued providing her with care. I thought to myself, I am not this women and I am not living her life so I cannot be prejudiced against her and judge her related to the bad decisions she made during this pregnancy or how she acted when her child was born and died. When I was a younger nurse, I may not have been as understanding and compassionate and may have judged her for the bad decisions she made such as taking illicit drugs while pregant which was the leading cause for her preterm delivery and death of her child. That is one way my worldview evolved and has changed me for the better in my professional nursing practice. Reference Bogue, D.W. & Hogan, M. (2020). Foundational issues in Christian spirituality and ethics. In Practicing dignity: An introduction to Christian values & decision making in health care (1st ed.). https://lc.gcumedia.com/phi413v/practicing-dignity-an-introduction-to-christian-values-and-decision-making-in-health-care/v1.1/#/chapter/1 What aspects of the topic readings do you find the most interesting? What is your view of the analysis of disease and healing in the readings? Explain. RESPONSES Hi Kimberly, great post! I agree that I have never dug this deep to find out what my worldview is and I found a lot of good and interesting information when I was reading the articles. It is also important to be mindful that everyone has their own beliefs and that we need to be respectful of that. Christians believe that when they look to God, it is for the ability to think and reason and explore the world around them, even to understand the workings and diseases of the human body and to help alleviate suffering (Bogue & Hogan, 2020). How do you think we as nurses can assess someone’s spirituality so we can better care for them in a health care setting? Bogue, D., & Hogan, M. (2020). Practicity Dignity. Practicing dignity: An introduction to Christian values and decision making in Health Care. Retrieved December 16, 2021, from https://lc.gcumedia.com/phi413v/practicing-dignity-an-introduction-to-christian-values-and-decision-making-in-health-care/v1.1/#/chapter/1 Order Now