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Personal/Professional Development Plan: NURS 6110F Personal/Professional Development Plan: NURS 6110F Personal/Professional Development Plan: NURS 6110F This assignment is due in Week 4 and is introduced to you in Week 1 to allow you enough time to reflect, research, and design a personalized professional development plan. Why does a Professional Development Plan for a professional MSN nurse exist? Purpose? What should be included and what should not be included? Where do you begin? Personal and professional goals should be the foundation of each nurse’s professional plan. You enrolled in an MSN program at this point in your life/career for a reason. Consider reading the IOM report (which is on your reading list for Week 1). Highlight each time the report mentions the importance of leadership preparation! The Future of Nursing report (Institute of Medicine, 2010) expressly states that nursing must shape its own future, which necessitates NURS 6110F Personal Professional Development Plan Click here to ORDER an A++ paper from our Verified MASTERS and DOCTORATE WRITERS: Personal/Professional Development Plan: NURS 6110F Nurses should be prepared to be leaders who can effect change to improve the nation’s health through their leadership and influence! As a result, it is critical for the professional nurse to assess their own personal leadership style. For more information on leadership styles, see the Module 3 progress section! Here’s a link to a useful website. https://www.leadershipacademy.nhs.uk/wp- (This is a link to another website.) Content/uploads/2014/10/NHSLeadership-LeadershipModel-color.pdf is a link to an external site. Ethical leadership development is another important aspect of the nurse leader’s role. How do we cultivate ethical leadership? What abilities are required for ethical leadership? These and other questions should be on your mind as you sit down to write your own personal/professional development paper. Another thing you can do is read Chapter 4 of your textbook (Roussel, Thomas & Harris). The first few chapters clearly state “why” nurses must prepare for leadership. The next step is to go over the rubric and begin writing! Order Now