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Personal Approach to Professional Nursing Practice Paper Personal Approach to Professional Nursing Practice Paper Personal Approach to Professional Nursing Practice Paper Description In a Microsoft Word document of 5-6 pages formatted in APA style, describe your personal approach to professional nursing practice. Be sure to address each one of the following criteria: Which philosophy/conceptual framework/theory/middle-range theory describes nursing in the way you think about it? Discuss how you could utilize the philosophy/conceptual framework/theory/middle-range theory to organize your thoughts for critical thinking and decision making in nursing practice. Formulate and discuss your personal definition of nursing, person, health, and environment. Discuss a minimum of two beliefs and/or values about nursing that guide your own practice. Analyze your communication style using one of the tools presented in the course. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses associated with your style of communication. Impact of your communication style on your ability to collaborate as part of an interdisciplinary team. Many healthcare professionals establish a set of values that guide their patient care decisions and motivate them in the workplace. As a nurse, you can develop your own nursing philosophy to outline the values, beliefs and goals that drive you to be an effective nurse. In this article, we cover what a nursing philosophy is, why it’s important and how to write one as well as provide some examples to help you craft your own nursing philosophy statement. What is a nursing philosophy? A nursing philosophy is a mission statement that outlines a nurse’s values, beliefs, personal and professional ethics as they relate to the nursing profession and their motivation for being a nurse. This statement may consider a nurse’s education, training, professional practice, personal approach to patient care and career goals as a nursing professional. Some nursing philosophy statements may focus on what being a nurse means to you, what you think makes an excellent nurse or what you think makes you a good nurse. Related: Interview Question: “Why Do You Want To Be a Nurse?” Why is a nursing philosophy important? Having a nursing philosophy can: Improve how you interact with patients, their families and your colleagues Understanding your nursing-related values, such as integrity, dependability and respect, can help you approach every interaction with the goal of upholding those values. For example, you might demonstrate dependability by helping a fellow nurse perform a complex procedure, or you might show integrity by admitting a mistake and working to fix it. Click here to ORDER an A++ paper from our Verified MASTERS and DOCTORATE WRITERS: Personal Approach to Professional Nursing Practice Paper Keep you motivated during professional challenges As a nurse, you may experience challenges in the workplace, like long shifts and high-pressure patient situations. Remembering why being a nurse is important to you can help you stay motivated and focused while overcoming those challenges. For example, your philosophy may revolve around being able to make a difference in patients’ lives, which may help you put your long shifts into perspective. Enable you to write a succinct and captivating resume objective When applying to a nursing role, you can submit a resume with an objective or summary statement that highlights what makes you a great nurse and why you’re passionate about patient care. Writing this objective can be easier when you’ve already thought about and written out your nursing philosophy, which often includes one or both of these elements. Order Now