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PCN 605 Topic 5: Review of Vignettes PCN 605 Topic 5: Review of Vignettes PCN 605 Topic 5: Review of Vignettes 605 PCN Topic 5: Vignette Analysis DQ 1 for Topic 5: Review the vignettes in the topic five materials and then diagnose Robin and Becky with a psychotic disorder. What are the reasons for your diagnosis? Include any differential diagnoses that were considered and rejected. 605 PCN Topic 5: Vignette Analysis Topic 5 DQ 2: Review Brett’s vignette from the topic five materials and then provide a DSM diagnosis. What is your perspective on the nature of psychotic disorders based on your cultural background/worldview? Examine the biblical story in Mark 5: 1-20 briefly. How would you assist a psychotic patient who comes to your treatment center and insists that the cause of his disorder is spiritual rather than biochemical? Examine Mercer’s article and select two or three recommendations/practices that you believe are relevant to a clinician considering treating Brett. Robin Robin, a 29-year-old Caucasian woman, was referred to counseling by an emergency room physician. According to the doctor, Robin was extremely distressed when she arrived at the ER, as evidenced by her strange behavior and frantic attempts to receive medical attention. She informed the ER doctor that she needed surgery to remove an implant from her abdomen. Robin went on to claim that her television had spoken to her and informed her that the implant had been implanted in her body by aliens during her abduction. The doctor tested Robin for drugs and alcohol and discovered no signs of intoxication or withdrawal. Robin told the doctor that “nothing like this had ever happened before,” and that she was “fine until 2 weeks ago,” when she began receiving messages from the television. Click here to ORDER an A++ paper from our Verified MASTERS and DOCTORATE WRITERS: PCN 605 Topic 5: Review of Vignettes Becky, a 43-year-old Caucasian woman, attends counseling on a regular basis. Recently, the focus of counseling has shifted to PCN 605 Topic 5 Vignette Review Becky’s relationship with her boss; she has told her counselor that her boss is madly in love with her despite the fact that he is married and has several children. Becky is debating what approach to take in convincing her boss to leave his family so that they can start their own. Becky tells her counselor that her boss has never directly discussed these issues with her, but she can tell how he feels by the way he looks at her. Furthermore, Becky claims that she can deduce his love messages from work emails that he sends to her on a regular basis. She has been at her current job for about two years and believes her boss has been in love with her for about six months. Brett Brett, a 19-year-old Caucasian male, is accompanied to counseling by his parents, Margaret and Henry. Margaret and Henry are worried about their son and are looking for answers about his strange behavior. Brett is a college sophomore at a nearby university; he lives at his parents’ house and commutes to school to save money. Brett appeared to be doing well during his freshman year, but over the summer he began to act strangely. According to his parents, Brett began to spend a lot of time in his rooms with the shades drawn. For days at a time, he refused to bathe and stopped eating regularly. Furthermore, Margo and Henry overheard Brett having conversations in his room despite the fact that no one else was present. Margo noticed Brett sitting at breakfast with a “blank” expression on his face while trying to pour milk into his shoes one morning. In total, Henry believed that these strange behaviors had been going on for about 9 months. Margo and Henry are devout Pentecostal believers who say they raised Brett to go to church and believe in God. They are concerned because Brett reported a disturbing incident prior to the onset of his symptoms. He took a World Religions class in which a student demonstrated a Ouija board ritual for a class project in which he described Occult religions. The incident shook Brett to his core. They sought assistance from their church’s pastors, but received little help. A friend recommended them to you. They claim that mental illness is not a family trait. Order Now