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NUR 605 Week 2 Checkpoint 1 Nurse Leader Interview NUR 605 Week 2 Checkpoint 1 Nurse Leader Interview NUR 605 Week 2 Checkpoint 1 Nurse Leader Interview This is notification to begin preparing for Week 7 Assignment 1: Nurse Leader Interview. Identify nurse leaders that you could interview for this assignment. Select a nurse leader whom you believe demonstrates the attributes reviewed in the course. Contact this leader and schedule a mutually agreeable time for the interview during week six of the course. Please note: No submission is required this week for this checkpoint; this is simply a notification to begin preparing the assignment for later submission. You will submit your completed paper in Week 7 Assignment 1: Nurse Leader Interview. Instructions Interview a nurse leader (chief nurse, associate chief nurse, director, supervisor, manager), a master’s prepared nurse with leadership responsibilities (nurse educator, nurse quality specialist, nurse risk manager, nurse case manager, etc.), or advanced practice nurse with leadership responsibilities (clinical nurse specialist, nurse anesthetist, nurse midwife, or nurse practitioner). Analyze the leader’s role as it relates to a minimum of five of the major course concepts addressed (ethics in leadership, emotional intelligence, communication, conflict resolution, change theory, cultural competence/diversity, labor relations management, leadership models, management theory, motivational theory, Nurse of the Future competencies, interprofessional collaboration, and team building). Click here to ORDER an A++ paper from our Verified MASTERS and DOCTORATE WRITERS: NUR 605 Week 2 Checkpoint 1 Nurse Leader Interview Provide a narrative summary of your interviewee’s responses to each of the concepts (but not a verbatim account) of the interview. NUR 605 Week 2 Checkpoint 1 Nurse Leader Interview Incorporate references to provide support and analyze the concepts you discussed. Include your impression of congruence between the leader’s self-reflection and your personal observations of demonstrated leadership. Include the following in your paper: Comprehension: Introduce the leader, his or her credentials, title, job responsibilities, placement on the organizational chart/reporting responsibilities, education, experience, mentors, and pathway to their current role. Application: Describe the predominate model/theory of leadership used by this leader. Describe their style of leadership. Analysis/Synthesis: Clarify and illustrate the leader’s level of authority and influence within the organization. Discuss their sense of empowerment and efforts to empower others. Describe their intra- and extra-organizational responsibilities. Compare your personal philosophy/style/model of leadership with this leader and share whether or not expectations/perceptions of this leader were accurate. Evaluation: Summarize the leader’s behavior, strengths, successes, challenges and weaknesses. Your paper should be 9-10 pages long, not counting cover page or references list, and should utilize 10-12 scholarly references. Order Now