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NRS 451 Describe the difference in roles between leadership and management NRS 451 Describe the difference in roles between leadership and management NRS 451 Describe the difference in roles between leadership and management Describe the difference in roles between leadership and management. Explain how the goals of management and leadership overlap and provide one example. As a nurse leader, describe how you can facilitate change by taking advantage of this overlap. Shiny Jolly Sebastian Posted Date Feb 16, 2022, 11:29 PM Read Replies to Darlene Hicks Nursing leadership and management are both critical positions for the long-term success of any health care organizations (Whitney, 2018). Most nurses are called to be leader and manager in at least some situations. Although both have many similarities, there are some clear distinguishing differences between the roles of leadership and management. They are discussed below: Similarities Both roles require good interpersonal skills and strategic long term thinking. Both managers and leadership roles focus on current processes, structure within the organization to drive changes like increasing efficiency and optimizing professional development of the group/subordinates/peers. Differences Managers often have a definite, defined authority and power given by the organization. Leaders often do not have the same definite assigned authority given, but their power is obtained through their exceptional interpersonal skills and influence among peer group due to their qualities. Leaders often have to play broader roles than managers. Overlap of Roles In order to achieve the goals of the organization, management and leadership often have to strive towards some common objectives. NRS 451 Describe the difference in roles between leadership and management These include influencing, motivating peers and other staff to coordinate and develop core competencies to achieve set objectives. Leadership and management often have overlapping roles in planning, organizing, directing and controlling various aspects within the organization. Leadership and management also have very important roles in successfully implementing policy changes and bringing innovation. An example of such an overlap would be bringing in of a new technology into the care process, which may cause change in existing practices and require staff to undergo new training. This may meet resistance from staff who may be not willing to make necessary changes, especially if the new policy involves more activities and documenting compared to the old one. In such cases, leadership and management roles must work together to convince why the new practice has been implemented, especially if the policy change is due to new research based on evidence based practices. Click here to ORDER an A++ paper from our Verified MASTERS and DOCTORATE WRITERS: NRS 451 Describe the difference in roles between leadership and management Role of nurse leaders The success of healthcare organizations in reaching economic, patient happiness, and quality of care goals is mostly determined by nursing leadership’s leadership qualities (Anders et al., 2021). A successful nurse leader combines the attributes shown by managers and leaders to direct and implement changes, bring innovation, empower those around them. A nurse leader is able to use the influence and power vested upon them by colleagues to bring practical changes to improve practice and quality of care. Nurse leaders can assess and evaluate, create interventions where needed and promote critical thinking processes. References: Anders, R. L., Jackson, D., Davidson, P. M., & Daly, J. P. (2021). Nursing Leadership for 21st Century. Revista latino-americana de enfermagem, 29, e3472. https://doi.org/10.1590/1518-8345.0000.3472 Whitney, S. (2018). Chapter 1: Theories and Concepts in Leadership and Management; Nursing Leadership & Management: Leading and Serving. Retrieved from https://lc.gcumedia.com/nrs451vn/nursing-leadership-and-management-leading-and-serving/v1.1/#/chapter/1 REPLY • PA Purnima Adhikari replied toShiny Jolly Sebastian Feb 18, 2022, 8:48 PM Read Replies to Shiny Jolly Sebastian Hi Shiny, I agree that leadership and management both are critical position for a success. In addition to you post leadership is an essential driving force for achieving the vision and mission of any organization. Leaders set a direction for us; they help us see what lies ahead; they help us visualize what we might achieve; they encourage us and inspire us. Without leadership a group of human beings quickly degenerates into argument and conflict because we see things in different ways and lean toward different solutions. (Liphadzi, Aigbavboa, & Thwala, 2017). Management has to do with leading a project from its inception to execution. This includes planning, execution and managing the people, resources and scope of the project. Management within an organization should have the discipline to create clear and attainable objectives; moreover, leadership skills of project managers affect project performance. Management is often included as a factor of production, along with machines, materials, and money (Liphadzi, Aigbavboa, & Thwala, 2017). Order Now