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NR 505 Week 5 Discussion: Data Collection NR 505 Week 5 Discussion: Data Collection NR 505 Week 5 Discussion: Data Collection Data collection is central to research because the facts gathered will both contribute new information and answer the research question. Please respond to each of the following topics for this discussion. Improve your PICOT question. Explain your specific research method (qualitative or quantitative) and how it might be able to answer your research question. Discuss your data collection method, emphasizing your strengths while identifying one potential weakness. Identify the actions you are proposing to help ensure that your EBP project produces quality data. NR 505 Discussion: Data Collection (Week 5) SAMPLE The PICo question for my evidence-based practice research project is as follows: Are postwar veterans (P) more likely to commit suicide (I) as they reintegrate into society (Co)? I chose a qualitative research design to gain a better understanding of how postwar veterans feel and their lived experiences after the war. When participants in a qualitative study are allowed to speak freely, the researcher can gain an understanding of their characteristics and life experiences (Polit & Beck, 2017). When themes emerge during the interview process, I believe the qualitative study has the potential to open up more research avenues. Click here to ORDER an A++ paper from our Verified MASTERS and DOCTORATE WRITERS: NR 505 Week 5 Discussion: Data Collection Data Collection for NR 505 Week 5 Discussion In-depth interviews are my preferred method of data collection, and I obtain permission to audiotape and take notes during the session in the hope that themes and patterns emerge from the data. Clark and Veale (2018) investigated how images or words that appear frequently during in-depth interviews reveal a connection between individual participants and the research being conducted. The information gathered during the in-depth interview procedure will provide enough information to answer my PICo question and is thus considered a strength of my research process. This method of data collection has the disadvantage of allowing my personal feelings, biases, or beliefs to cloud the proper interpretation of data. We frequently see things through the lens of our own personal experiences, which can obscure the subjective nature of the data. The steps I want to take in my qualitative study are to ensure that my sample size is large enough to collect adequate data but not so large that the data becomes diluted or deviates from the primary purpose stated in the PICo statement. Second, I plan to create a personal belief statement to establish a baseline of personal opinion and bias, as well as to ensure that my interpretation of data is not obscured or misled by my personal experience. My goal is to keep the data as raw and authentic as possible in the hope that the material presented will inspire further research. Order Now