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I’m Not Your Negro Discussion I’m Not Your Negro Discussion I’m Not Your Negro Discussion https://www.onlinenursingessays.com/im-not-your-negro-discussion/ Description In the film I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO, James Baldwin says this in an interview: “If any white man in the world says give me liberty or give me death, the entire white world applauds. When a black man says exactly the same thing word for word, he is judged a criminal and treated like one. And everything possible is done to make an example of this bad n*gger so there won’t be any more like him.” In 3 paragraphs below, answer all of the questions: 1) What does he mean by this quote? Does this tie into the theme of criminality focused on throughout this class? Why or why not? HINTS: * Creating a criminal lecture, fugitive slave clause, characteristics of lynching, criminalization of protest movements, broken windows+stop and frisk 2) Does this quote connect to MLK, Malcom X, Muhammad Ai, Angela Davis, and Colin Kaepernick? (Pick one r two to discuss) Why or why not? 3) Do you agree with the quote, why or why not? Indirect evidence for a positive link between moral outrage and dehumanization comes from research showing that feelings of disgust are associated with the dehumanization of others. For instance, people high in disgust sensitivity dehumanize immigrants to a greater extent than those low in disgust sensitivity [42]. Other work has demonstrated that viewing members of marginalized outgroups known to elicit disgust (e.g., the homeless, drug addicts) does not influence activation in the medial prefrontal cortex. The medial prefrontal cortex is broadly implicated in social cognition. For instance, this region is typically activated when viewing people but not objects. Lack of activation is consistent with viewing these people as less than human. Moreover, viewing these marginalized outgroup members increased activation in the insula and amygdala, a neural pattern consistent with experiencing disgust [43]. Together, this work indicates that the emotion of disgust may be associated with perceiving others as less human (see also [44]–[46]); however, whether emotional reactions to criminal behavior are associated with dehumanized perceptions of perpetrators and whether this dehumanization is related to punishment severity remain empirical questions. Click here to ORDER an A++ paper from our Verified MASTERS and DOCTORATE WRITERS: I’m Not Your Negro Discussion The current studies investigated the association between moral outrage, dehumanization, and retributive justice. We predicted that moral outrage and dehumanization would covary in response to criminal behavior and this would be evident across a range of crimes and independent of crime severity (Hypothesis 1). Consistent with the findings of Carlsmith et al. [23], we predicted that moral outrage would be associated with punishment severity (i.e., harsher sentencing and less support for rehabilitation: Hypothesis 2). Extending this work, and consistent with our focus on dehumanization, we also predicted that offender dehumanization would predict punishment severity, and that this would occur independently of any effects associated with moral outrage (Hypothesis 3). We also predicted that, consistent with Carlsmith et al. [23], moral outrage would mediate the effects of the perceived harmfulness of the offense on severity of punishment (Hypothesis 4). Finally, extending on that work, we predicted that dehumanization would also mediate this relationship, and would do so independently of the effects of moral outrage (Hypothesis 5). Study 1 Study 1 tested the prediction that moral outrage and dehumanization would covary in response to criminal behavior and that the relationship between the two constructs would occur independent of crime type (Hypothesis 1). We constructed vignettes for three different types of crime: white collar, violent, and child molestation. We then measured Australian students’ emotional reactions and their perceptions of the humanity of each type of offender. Order Now