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Environmental Racism Sociology Discussion Questions Environmental Racism Sociology Discussion Questions Environmental Racism Sociology Discussion Questions https://www.onlinenursingessays.com/environmental-racism-sociology-discussion-questions/ Sociology 235 Exam 2 Create a new Word document without your name, this will ensure I can grade with usernames hidden. You will be graded on the clarity, composition, use of important concepts and depth of your argument(s). Short Response: I’m looking for a strong and thorough paragraph at the very least Choose FOUR of the following questions (4 questions x 25 points = 100 points) 1. According to Bonilla-Silva, what are the four frames of “color-blind racism”? Explain them. How does color-blind racism make it difficult to address race in our society? How does whiteness operate as the “norm” in society? 2. What is environmental racism/classism? Provide an example(s). What product/resource is causing our global environmental crisis? How or in what ways is it doing so? What are the roles of government and corporations in fueling environmental decline? 3. What are three criticisms Bernes had concerning what is known as the Green New Deal? Click here to ORDER an A++ paper from our Verified MASTERS and DOCTORATE WRITERS: Environmental Racism Sociology Discussion Questions Also, the data of the above-listed metrics needs to be collected initially before the campaign starts and compared with the end results to measure the correct impact of the digital PR campaign. Here are different ways to track the impact of your campaign, using these metrics. 1. Sales Stats For a product-based or B2C company, sales is the most important factor. While PR may not give an instant boost to sales, it will certainly show some change. In fact, a well-executed digital PR campaign can generate significant sales over time. If there is no change in sales, you need to audit your PR strategy again. What are three aspects of American culture (from the slides) that make it difficult to confront, or deal with, environmental problems? Explain. 4. Briefly explain the history of housing discrimination in the U.S. Explain and provide evidence from the Coates reading how this history is still relevant today. How does housing discrimination, where you live, impact other aspects of your life? 5. In what ways are rural areas in America changing and what problems do they face? What is the “racial geography of rural poverty”? What does this racial geography tell us about the nature of poverty in America? 6. What is the “culture of poverty”? Explain. How does the culture of poverty used to explain why poor people are poor? What are some of the myths of poverty we discussed in class and how do they relate to this culture of poverty concept? Factors to Consider When Measuring Sales There may be several socio-economic factors which affect sales. Factors specifically related to your sales must be considered in your campaign review. Location or Territory Calculating the change in sales volume by location or territory allows you to identify new sales opportunities. Revise your PR strategy in the areas where sales figures haven’t shown a positive change. Focus marketing and sales efforts on lucrative locations or territories. Age Group Age group is also an important factor to measure your sales, especially if your target audience belongs to a particular age group. It enables you to verify if your digital PR campaign has successfully connected with your target audience. Time Frame Find out how much sales was generated by your PR campaign in a given time frame. For example, you can calculate the sales after a few days, weeks, or months after the commencement of your digital PR campaign. Identify the issues that are hampering sales performance. Type of Sales Channel One of the key factors to be considered when measuring sales is the type of sales channel, particularly for B2C companies. Make sure to break down your sales data by types of channel. For example, you can check if your consumers preferred using the online store or buy from your retail partners after the camping was launched. Order Now