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Discussion: Introduction and Syllabus Review Discussion Introduction and Syllabus Review Discussion: Introduction and Syllabus Review Value: Complete/Incomplete Due: In an effort to facilitate scholarly discourse, create your initial post by Day 3 and reply to at least two of your classmates, on two separate days, by Day 7. Grading Category: Complete/Incomplete Initial Post Please respond to the following prompts: Please introduce yourself and share your nursing background, including any experiences you may have had in a leadership role. What are your goals for this course? Post any questions you may have about the syllabus. Replies Discussion Introduction and Syllabus Review Click here to ORDER an A++ paper from our Verified MASTERS and DOCTORATE WRITERS:Discussion: Introduction and Syllabus Review Reply to at least two of your classmates. Please refer to the Grading Rubric for details on how this activity will be graded. Posting to the Discussion Forum Select the appropriate Thread. Select Reply. Create your post. Select Post to Forum. My name is  and i have been a nurse for 11 years now. I have had chance to work with different age groups including the elderly, children and adolescents. I have in rehab facilities, nursing homes and i have also worked at a state owned jail. i have also had a chance to supervise close to 18 students while they did COVID-19 tests on other students. Leadership wise, i have been a supervisor at work especially on the weekends where I had to supervise other nurses and certified nursing assistants (CNAs). Some of the goals for this course include but are not limited to improvement of my communication skills, i feel that if i can communicate better, am sure i can make a better leader. Also important to me is the aspect of respect because i believe that if its given to others, it can easily be earned in the long run. Lastly i would be really grateful if i also improve my critical thinking since its the driving force in nursing. At the moment i do not have any questions but am pretty sure that alon the way i will have some. Looking forward to this online experience. Hello everyone, my name is Jenny Galindo, and I am very glad to be part of this Nursing Leadership class!! I am a registered nurse with more than 20 years of experience. I was born in Bogota, Colombia and received my bachelor’s degree from La Universidad Nacional, Colombia’s national university. I practiced nursing in Colombia for 11 years before my family and I moved to the States, where I was able to accredit my title. I have now been working in the US for 12 years and have been incredibly lucky to work in a variety of nursing fields throughout this time. Some of these fields include pediatrics, women’s care, management care, etc. Currently, I work in Aesthetics and Dermatology in two small private offices. In my role as a RN in both these practices, I have the opportunity to work on my leadership skills. For example, in my present job I help implement protocols, promote sales, interact with personal (front desk, medical assistants, doctors and other RNs), and of course, prioritize my patients’ care, using my leadership skills to advocate for their wellness. My goal for this class is to improve my leadership skills not only for my work but also for my personal life. I would especially like to improve in the areas of self confidence and sociability. At this moment, I don’t have any questions about the syllabus, but I think this course’s topics are all very interesting! I am looking forward to getting to know all of you!! Order Now