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Cosmetic Surgeries Psychology Discussion Cosmetic Surgeries Psychology Discussion Cosmetic Surgeries Psychology Discussion Description Assignment Overview. You are to read both the (1) Villeneuve journal article (posted in Canvas) and (2) the media report written up about it in Cosmos (link below), then answer the questions about them below. 1. Journal Article: Villeneuve, P. J., Holowaty, E. J., Brisson, J., Xie, L., Ugnat, A. M., Latulippe, L., & Mao, Y. (2006). Mortality among Canadian women with cosmetic breast implants. American Journal of Epidemiology, 164, 334–341. (This article is posted in Canvas, in the Lesson 5 Module) You can get most of the information you’ll need by focusing on the journal article’s Abstract, Introduction, the “Study Population”, and Discussion section. 2. Link to the media report: https://web.archive.org/web/20140813211351/http://cosmosmagazine.com/news/breast–implants–lower–cancer–risk–boost–suicides/ What to include in your assignment: Instructions: Complete the assignment in a separate file, and save it as a Word of PDF file. Format your file to be single– spaced, and in 12–pt, Times New Roman font. Your assignment should not be more than 2 pages, single–spaced. Except for the first part (the summary), you do NOT need to write this assignment in paragraph form. It would be better if you numbered your responses to each part below. Include answers to each of these questions: 1. Summary of Villeneuve et al. article. Summarize the population they studied, the main variables they examined, and the findings (focus on just 2 or 3 of the central findings). Keep this part short; this summary should be no more than 1/3 of a page, single–spaced. 2. Based on the findings from the study, do you think the title of the Cosmos news report accurately reflects the findings of the study? Why or why not? 3. Did the Cosmos news report (as a whole) do a good job of explaining the study’s results? Why or why not? 4. If you could change one sentence in the news article, which sentence would you change, how would you change it, Cosmetic Surgeries Psychology Discussion and what is your reason for changing it? 5. If you could add one paragraph (a few sentences) to the news article to give more information about the study, what would you say? Briefly explain your reason for adding this information. 6. From their results, can the researchers conclude getting breast implants can cause an increase or decrease in the risk of cancer or suicide? Explain your answer. Click here to ORDER an A++ paper from our Verified MASTERS and DOCTORATE WRITERS: Cosmetic Surgeries Psychology Discussion 7. Can you think of any other possible explanations for a correlation between breast implants and breast cancer? Give one alternative possibility that is NOT mentioned in the Discussion of their paper nor in the news report. (After some thought, you should be able to generate some reasonable alternatives that they didn’t mention.) 8. Can you think of any possible explanations for a correlation between breast implants and suicide? Again, give one possibility that the authors do NOT bring up in the paper nor in the news report. Please write everything in your OWN words. Do NOT quote passages directly from the articles (or from any other sources). It’s okay to use terminology from the articles, but as a rule, do not copy more than three consecutive words. Submit your file in Word or PDF format in Canvas by the due date above, under “ASSIGNMENT: Media Analysis Paper”. Order Now