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Beautiful Mind Abnormal Psychology Discussion Beautiful Mind Abnormal Psychology Discussion Beautiful Mind Abnormal Psychology Discussion Description After watching your selected movie, A BEAUTIFUL MIND   it’s time to focus on the writing portion of this assignment.  The goal of your paper is to analyze the main character and his or her abnormal psychology. Please utilize the following headers within your paper: Introduction: Introduce the character you are writing on and summarize the plot? Symptoms & Diagnosis:  What specific symptoms did the character experience in the movie?  What diagnosis would you give them? Nature or Nurture: Was the character’s mental illness a result of biological or environmental influences?  Explain. Treatment: What type of treatment would you recommend for the character?  Be specific. Prognosis: Good or bad?  Why? Conclusion: Summarize your main points and reflect.  Did you enjoy the movie you selected?  Did the movie teach you anything you didn’t know already about mental illness?  Was it a realistic portrayal of mental illness? A Beautiful Mind is a movie that was produced in 2001 that is based on the life of the famous, schizophrenic mathematician, John Beautiful Mind Abnormal Psychology Discussion Forbes Nash Jr., who is portrayed by Russel Crowe. This movie was inspired by the biographical novel “A Beautiful Mind” which was written by Sylvia Nasar. This movie creates a timeline of John Nash’s life that begins when he enters graduate school at Princeton to study mathematics where the early symptoms of schizophrenia begin to appear and continues into the later parts of his life such as when he won the Nobel Prize while still dealing with his disability. As the timeline progresses, so does the schizophrenia which is made worse by John’s supposed work pertaining to the military. By analyzing key scenes from the movie, we can get a glimpse into the life long struggles that someone with disability such as schizophrenia will go through. Click here to ORDER an A++ paper from our Verified MASTERS and DOCTORATE WRITERS: Beautiful Mind Abnormal Psychology Discussion What exactly is Schizophrenia? According to the National Institute of Mental Health, schizophrenia is a “chronic and severe mental disorder that affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves” and causes people to seem as if they are “out of touch with reality”. There are multiple symptoms that are associated with schizophrenia, but some of the most common are hallucinations, delusional behavior and trouble focusing. There is no known cure or cause of schizophrenia, however, current research suggests that an imbalance of brain chemicals such as dopamine (National Institute of Mental Health) The beginning of the movie helps establish John as a mysterious genius who seems to be socially off-putting but progresses to show how his schizophrenia impacts him. The movie begins with John introducing himself to other math graduate students, where he tries to make jokes with good intentions but ends up offending other students and leaving. He also offends the other graduate students by calling their work unoriginal and talking about how he will come with an “original” idea and solve it. After this confrontation, he heads back to his room, where he meets his roommate, Charles who is supposedly a graduate student studying English. This is the first time that John’s schizophrenic delusions become apparent to the audience as his room is made for one person. Order Now