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Assignment: Suicide Prevention and Control Measures Psychology Essay Assignment: Suicide Prevention and Control Measures Psychology Essay Assignment: Suicide Prevention and Control Measures Psychology Essay Suicide prevention is a collection of efforts to reduce the risk of suicide.[2] Suicide is often preventable,[3] and the efforts to prevent it may occur at the individual, relationship, community, and society level.[2] Suicide is a serious public health problem that can have long-lasting effects on individuals, families, and communities. The good news is that suicide is preventable. Preventing suicide requires strategies at all levels of society. This includes prevention and protective strategies for individuals, families, and communities. Everyone can help prevent suicide by learning the warning signs, promoting prevention and resilience, and a committing to social change. [4] Beyond direct interventions to stop an impending suicide, methods may include: treating mental illness improving coping strategies of people who are at risk reducing risk factors for suicide, such as poverty and social vulnerability giving people hope for a better life after current problems are resolved calling a suicide hotline number General efforts include measures within the realms of medicine, mental health, and public health. Because protective factors[5] such Assignment Suicide Prevention and Control Measures Psychology Essay as social support and social engagement—as well as environmental risk factors such as access to lethal means— play a role in suicide, suicide is not solely a medical or mental-health issue.[6] Means reduction ⁠— ⁠reducing the odds that a suicide attempter will use highly lethal means ⁠— ⁠is an important component of suicide prevention.[7] This practice is also called “means restriction”. It has been demonstrated that restricting lethal means can help reduce suicide rates, as delaying action until the desire to die has passed.[8] In general, strong evidence supports the effectiveness of means restriction in preventing suicides.[9][10][11][12] There is also strong evidence that restricted access at so-called suicide hotspots, such as bridges and cliffs, reduces suicides, whereas other interventions such as placing signs or increasing surveillance at these sites appears less effective.[13] Click here to ORDER an A++ paper from our Verified MASTERS and DOCTORATE WRITERS: Assignment: Suicide Prevention and Control Measures Psychology Essay One of the most famous historical examples of means reduction is that of coal gas in the United Kingdom. Until the 1950s, the most common means of suicide in the UK was poisoning by gas inhalation. In 1958, natural gas (virtually free of carbon monoxide) was introduced, and over the next decade, comprised over 50% of gas used. As carbon monoxide in gas decreased, suicides also decreased. The decrease was driven entirely by dramatic decreases in the number of suicides by carbon monoxide poisoning.[14][15] A 2020 Cochrane review on means restrictions for jumping found tentative evidence of reductions in frequency.[16] In the United States, firearm access is associated with increased suicide completion.[17] About 85% of suicide attempts with a gun result in death, while most other widely used suicide attempt methods result in death less than 5% of the time.[18][19] Matthew Miller, M.D., Sc.D. conducted research comparing the number of suicides in states with the highest rates of gun ownership, to the number of suicides in states with the lowest rates of gun ownership. He found that men were 3.7 times more likely to die by firearm suicide and women were 7.9 times more likely to die by firearm suicide living in states with high rates of gun ownership. There was no difference in non-firearm suicides.[20] Although restrictions on access to firearms have reduced firearm suicide rates in other countries, such restrictions are difficult in the United States because the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution limits restrictions on weapons.[21] Order Now