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Assignment: Environmental Constraints of Animals Paper Essay Assignment: Environmental Constraints of Animals Paper Essay Assignment: Environmental Constraints of Animals Paper Essay Description Given the three (3) organisms attached, you are to thoroughly compare and contrast environmental constraints, dietary requirements, and overall ecological needs, based on their body sizes, and the limitations imposed by them. Be concise, accurate, and specific.         Use your own words and DO NOT recite textbook material. Use what you have learned!! The livestock industry has numerous and diverse impacts on the environment. In a cross-sectional study using an online questionnaire, 361 students were asked about their knowledge, attitudes, and behavior related to the environmental impact caused by livestock industry. The data were analyzed using correlations, t-tests for independent samples, and linear regression models. We found that students have almost no knowledge about the environmental impact of the food they consume, their attitudes are moderately pro-environmental, yet they are not strict about pro-environmental behavior. Students with higher levels of environmental knowledge demonstrated more pro-environmental attitudes and behavior; attitudes mediate the relationship between level of knowledge and behavior with respect to environmental pollution caused by the livestock industry. In addition, participants that rear/reared animals demonstrated more knowledge and pro-environmental attitudes and behavior, and women demonstrated more pro-environmental attitudes and behavior than men. There is a need to raise awareness of the environmental and health impacts caused by livestock industry. An introductory course on environmental science should be integrated into different academic study programs. Further research should be conducted among additional population sectors. Click here to ORDER an A++ paper from our Verified MASTERS and DOCTORATE WRITERS: Assignment: Environmental Constraints of Animals Paper Essay Production of food from animals has accelerated during the last 100 years, in response to growing demand [1]. Throughout the world approximately 70 billion animals are reared as domestic animals annually, with more than 6 million animals killed for food each year [2], and approximately 56 billion mammals and birds slaughtered each year [3]. According to a report by the Food and Agriculture Assignment Environmental Constraints of Animals Paper Essay Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, titled, “The Long Shadow of the Animal Industry” [1], global meat consumption doubled during the period 1980–2002. According to future predictions, global meat production is expected to double from 229 million tons in 1999 to 465 million tons by 2050. Milk production is expected to increase from 580 to 1043 million tons [1]. Besides the humane aspects associated with the rearing and slaughtering conditions of animals in the food industry, the great increase in the consumption of animal products has a most severe impact on the environment. The FAO report states that “The meat industry has a marked impact on a general global scale on water, soils, extinction of plants and animals, and consumption of natural resources, and it has a strong impact on global warming. Order Now