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Assignment: Cognitive Theory Paper Assignment: Cognitive Theory Paper Assignment: Cognitive Theory Paper Description M2A2: Journal – Connections to Theory Processing all of the information and ideas in this course can lead to a lot of different emotions. Each week, to help with this, you’ll complete a reflective journal assignment. This assignment should focus on your personal feelings and reactions to the materials taught or covered in the textbook, reflection on previous or current experiences, and exploration of your future choices. Avoid summarizing the content of the module or making generalizations about other people. Instead, reflect on how your own experiences are related to the topics covered in the module. While you need to address the journal prompts below, you should also think about other material and ideas that have been presented and write about them as you see fit.  You are not required to reflect on all of the topics covered in the module. As this paper is an exploration of your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and values, write the paper in the first person. These papers are confidential and will not be seen by anyone other than the instructor. Successful completion of this activity meets Module Outcomes 2. This activity aligns with the career competency of critical thinking. Journal Prompt: Which of the theories presented in Chapter 2 most closely resonates with you? Explain why, giving some examples that directly connect to your life. Chapter 2 Theories: Click here to ORDER an A++ paper from our Verified MASTERS and DOCTORATE WRITERS: Assignment: Cognitive Theory Paper Table of Contents Introduction Psychoanalytic Theory Conditioning Theories Evolutionary Psychology Cognitive Theory Social Theories While reflecting on the materials covered in this module and exploring your personal reactions, values, and feelings, the following Assignment Cognitive Theory Paper questions may help you to reflect meaningfully. You do not have to answer all of these questions. What did you find interesting or exciting? Why? What surprised you? Why? What shocked you? Why? What made you feel uncomfortable? Why? What did you unlearn? (“Unlearn” implies finding out that something you previously thought true was wrong.) What are you still wondering about? How does this information relate to your past, present, and/or future? How might this information impact your life? Which of the aspects/circles of sexuality do you think has the most impact on your life? Order Now