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Now that you have read the poem once and analyzed its message, I want you to read it again. This time, let’s compare and contrast the speaker of “I, T… oo” with the Byronic hero? Submit your answers to the following questions for a daily grade:
1. The byronic hero commits some great “sin” in order to defy oppression, tyranny, or injustice. What seems to be the speaker’s “sin” in this poem and what is his punishment (lines 2-4)?
2. What makes this “sin” different from the actions of a Byronic hero? Does the speaker have any choice in the matter?
3. How does the speaker show defiance (lines 5-7)?
4. Why do you think “they” will be ashamed when they see how beautiful he is? What emotion do you think the speaker feels as he states this in lines 15-17?
5. What do you think he means when he says, “I, too, am America”? How does this statement point out the injustice and oppression the speaker experiences?