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Private Ownership as a Form of Ownership

Individuals have different views and options towards ownership. Even the ancient philosophers and the great thinkers never came to a simple conclusion over ownership. While Aristotle supported private ownership as the best, Plato viewed it as the second best or less than ideal and emphasized more on common ownership.
The question of what kind of ownership is best preferred BY an individual is not based on what Aristotle or Plato thought, but the reasons and arguments given, in support of the choice made.
Private ownership is more preferred due to its simplicity in management. It does not have long chains in decision making, be it business or property, however big it is. Liberality is greatly affiliated with private ownership. Individuality brings out more liberal actions. According to Aristotle, “no one when all men have all things in common will set any example in liberality.
Private ownership is therefore valuable efficiently more productive, for it allows owners to do what best to their interests and specifications. It is also identified with virtue and just deeds. More opportunities for virtue insofar emanates as individuals make choices about the various uses of what they have in possession.

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