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It is more likely that a student will be required to write a narrative essay at least once in their school life. Writing a narrative essay is unique from other assignments that you may come across because it demands you to use first-person rather than the third person. It is important to know this key point upfront before getting to it. Any essay requires an outline, and so is a narrative essay. Before you can start writing any assignment, it is best to know the plan to follow to bring out the intended paper. If your lecturer has assigned you a narrative assignment to write, and you do not know how to write a narrative essay outline, relax and read along. Importance of an Essay Outline Planning is an important step in any assignment that you want to write. Drafting an essay outline is what planning entails. It is crucial in helping you organize ideas that you intend to put in your write up. It also helps in simplifying the process of writing. Writing a narrative essay outline is a little effort that has quality dividends at the end. Most students in high school, college, and university ignore this stage and end up missing an A grade they deserved. It is dangerous ignoring such an important step.  Writing an unplanned essay can make you submit a paper full of mistakes that put your grades in jeopardy. In this article, we have written a guide to help you know how to outline a narrative essay. Hire a Writer Now! Guide to Developing a Good Narrative Essay Outline Clearly Understanding the Topic Before beginning any type of writing, it is vital to take your time and think about what the topic is all about. Most tutors allow students to create their topic, but they provide them with a specific area to align their topics. As a student, it is vital to try and analyze what you will write regarding the study area.  The study area might have several topics for one to choose from. It is vital to pick a topic with a manageable plot. This means that the topic must not be wide since you won’t cover the whole area within the specified deadline. Have fewer characters within your essay and build the story around them. Creating several characters might lead to difficulty in understanding by the readers.  Create an Outstanding Introduction The introduction is the most important part when writing a narrative essay outline. Depending on the topic you choose, the introduction part is what captures the full attention of the reader. To write attention capturing introduction, it would be best to include a hook, provide some background information, and a thesis statement. The hook can be a form of a rhetoric question or a statistic that describes a certain phenomenon. It can also be a story explaining a certain incident that happened sometime back. Remember that this is a narrative essay; therefore, you can use the first-person pronoun. It is vital to maintain relevance when writing the introduction to avoid veering off the topic. Develop a Body That Stands Out The body fully describes the elements of the problem statement. It contains 3 main sections, which include the topic statement, story, and the conclusion or transition phase. The topic section is the mini-introduction of the main story. It correlates with the thesis statement in the introduction section. Try and make it as brief as possible. The whole essay relies on the story you give. The story, therefore, forms the most vital part of the paper. The story should, therefore, take more than half of the body section. After that, conclude by making a statement that acts as a bridge to the next section. This transition statement makes the essay have a flow making it interesting to read.  Wrap it Up Using a Great Conclusion Many learners find it difficult to write a good conclusion of their story. Most of them end up repeating word by word whatever is in the above sections. What most learners need to understand is that they should make the readers clearly understand what they read. One can do this by rephrasing the whole essay using different words without necessarily changing the whole meaning.  The main purpose of a conclusion is to stimulate the readers to carry out further research to answer the questions that the paper did not.  Revise the Paper Do not rush to submit the paper even if you think you have done your best. Put it aside for some time and divert your focus on other things. Come back to it later and read it once more. Some mistakes made during the writing process will clearly show up this time. You can share the piece with your friends, who will help you discover other mistakes.  Make Use of Computer-Based Writing Tools It is important to make use of available online tools to polish your grammar. There are several of them online that can help you identify certain mistakes that humans cannot. They help you improve the quality of the work by identifying some common mistakes made unknowingly.  These tools help in developing good sentence structures, create simple and meaningful sentences, and also improve on the choice of words.  Always Read Before Writing This writing tip is the most essential when developing a narrative essay online. Reading the right literature helps you gather relevant knowledge concerning the paper. Some of the best authors in the world today read several published articles before they start writing.  Reading helps you get more ideas on what other writers think about a certain topic. It helps create uniqueness when writing and avoid re-writing the same story. Understand What You Need Mastering a narrative essay outline is hard, especially if time is limited to garner the required concentration. 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