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The use of online social platforms is growing rapidly due to the increased use of the internet. With it, it comes to both positive and negative impacts. Almost everyone on this planet has an online network handle that can connect to different people worldwide.  Social media use has generally increased due to the increased necessity of information. It is much easier to access any information through these online network platforms. It has made it attract the interest of millions; hence millions of people are signing up daily. Anyone who has access to the internet through mobile phones, computers, or tablets can comfortably access the site.  Table of Contents How to Write an Essay about Social Media Persuasive Essay about Online Social Networks Argumentative Essays on Online Social Platforms Take the Next Step How to Write an Essay about Social Media This widespread use has called on researchers to develop social media topics to give an opinion about its use. Students, learners, and professional writers have a wide range of topics to write on any social media essay. Choosing social media essay topics is not difficult. This type of writing can take up any form of writing; it can either be: Hire a Writer Now! Persuasive Essay about Online Social Networks Writing this type of article is easy, especially when one has an idea of tackling it. Use the persuasive structure and style to come up with a good write-up for submission. Remember, it must also include a research statement in the preceding subsection.  Example of persuasive social essay topics include; Effects online social platforms have on general mental health being Pros and cons of online social networks Argumentative Essays on Online Social Platforms Following the argumentative format can be interesting and allows for more creativity. Most of the time, the reader may have a different point of view from the writer. It makes it a challenging style requiring writers to improve their writing skills to gain more marks.  How to Write an Essay about Social Media CLICK TO TWEET Tactics to follow to develop an outstanding online social network term paper Even with the different approaches on tackling social media, the format to derive one is standard. Following these tips can help develop an exclusive argumentative or persuasive social media essay that will boost one’s academic marks.  Below are a few tips for coming up with a perfect social media essay. Start With a Conclusive Introduction A good introduction must state how relevant the issue is to the current living patterns. To justify the article, provide accurate background information. To make the opening more viable, one must include relevant statistics and findings from different sources. Tell readers what other writers have found out in the past. One should always remember to provide the source of information used in the document. It helps to acknowledge the author of the piece of article and avoid being penalized due to plagiarism. Ensure that the introduction capture’s the reader’s attention by providing facts that are straight to the point. It should be precise and debatable.  Bring Out The Main Content The main content of the social media essay is discussed in the body section. Whether one chooses an argumentative approach or a persuasive approach, the points must be logically stated. It is best to elaborate on each point in every paragraph. To ensure that they are well noted. It is the simplest method to produce a well-organized essay.  Below are some of the necessary sections in each paragraph: The topic sentence- most times, it is the first or second sentence in each paragraph. It joins the different contents of the parts. Everything discussed in the paragraph should relate to the topic sentence. Evidence to support the main idea is best if one provides enough evidence in statistics, quotes, and real-life experiences.  Transition statement- statements in this subsection must have a logical flow. Let one thing lead to the other by providing transition statements between different ideas. Use words such as, therefore, furthermore, and however. On the other hand, avoid the overuse of these words since they may reduce the work’s quality.  Summarizing statement- this is the last statement in each paragraph. It sums up all the information about that specific idea and wraps it up.  Wrap It Up With a Good Conclusion A good conclusion helps the reader understand why the social media essay should be critical to them even after reading it. It is, therefore, vital for one to provide their final thought conclusively at this stage. The presentation of the final thought indicates how much understanding one has on the essay topic.  When summarizing, indicate the implication of the essay and its relevance to society. Please do not bring up new ideas in this section as they may lose their whole meaning. One can support their final judgment using credible information from another source.  The language must be clear and concise for easy understanding. Avoid terminologies such as in conclusion, since readers are aware that you are concluding the work.  Take the Next Step How to write an essay about social media is not as easy a task as it may seem. Most students and some writers face many challenges trying to come up with social essay topics. It requires a lot of practice and determination to write a good essay on online social platforms since no one is born with that type of skill.  Essay writing involves a lot of activities to come up with an outstanding draft. 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