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What was your reaction the first time you heard someone mention a 500 word essay? If you are like most scholars, you probably assumed it was a type of essay the professor wanted you to write.  However, this format is used by tutors and professors as a way of gauging a scholar’s potential, as well as their essay writing skills. Most tutors love handing out these kinds of assignments as it enables them to know whether they have any talented writers among their students. Additionally, it’s the format that is mostly used when writing scholarship essays. A student can use its length to cover narrow topics. Compared to the 250-word essay, this format will enable the scholar to generate ideas on their chosen topic and still get to make their analysis. Hire a Essay Writer Thoroughly Analyze the Prompt  The first step to learning how to write a 500 word essay is to know how to analyze the prompt. If possible, try to divide it into numerous phrases, allowing you to take a more in-depth look at each phrase.  Some of the questions to ask during the analysis are: Why has the admissions officer handed out this particular prompt? Is there something specific the admissions officer would like to know? Will the information included in the essay impact my ability to perform well in college? Is there something that has happened to change the way I view the prompt? When you have many things flowing through your mind, this process can seem like a time-waster. But in the long run, it can assist in making the writing process much smoother. Misreading the initial prompt may force you to start the paper from the beginning.  What Type of Essay Is It? Once you have gone through the prompt and understood, your next step to understanding the 500 word college application essay is to define the kind of essay you need to write. Keep in mind that this essay will influence whether you get into college or not. Additionally, before you start asking how long is 500 words, you should take time to note the essay groupings, which include: Description Essays: A descriptive essay will mainly focus on the details of what’s happening at a given time.  Narration Essay: Impart details or tell a story about the topic in a straightforward manner. Exposition Essay: Provide your audience with a guide on how they can do something or complete a particular task.  Persuasion Essay: Your task as an author of the essay is to try to convince the audience about your point of view. Brainstorm On Ideas Related to the Chosen Topic When you are sure about the type and topic to tackle, the next step in learning how to write a 500 word essay is to begin researching supporting ideas. Simplify the process by focusing on the basic facts you can use to support the idea. You can make it even easier by asking pertinent questions like how, what, why, where, when, and who. Consider applying the Mind Map technique to enable you to research other connecting or supporting ideas.  Alternatively, note down the bullet points you come across when researching the topic. If time allows and your topic calls for it, it may be a good idea to carry out some quick interviews.  Create a Stellar Introduction  The first thing that the admissions officer will encounter in your 500 word college application essay is the introduction. How you write it and what you include in it will determine whether they will continue reading the essay or opt to discard it.  Nailing an essay introduction involves ensuring it’s clear and concise from the first word. Take your time to highlight the factors you intend to discuss in the application and summarize what the conclusion section will tackle.  An essential factor to remember is that you aren’t writing a story. Your audience needs to have a clue on what they will find later on in the paper. Therefore, try to surprise the reader by writing eloquently and engagingly.  Structuring Your 500 Word Essay Are you asking yourself how long is 500 words? Well, 500-words, in this case, means just that, five hundred words. It’s common for authors to become overwhelmed during the writing process. If this happens to you, try to come up with five original sentences. The five sentences should resemble something like this: Thesis Body number 1 sentence Body number 2 sentence Body number 3 sentence Conclusion The five sentences should act as a guide for what to include in each paragraph. For you to answer the question “how long are 500 words?” focus on the format, and the rest will follow. Spell Check Your Work A student may write an excellent paper that’s source heavy and filled with all the right content but fail to check on their spellings and grammar use. While the admissions officer will likely be impressed by the work done, they may award fewer points due to spelling and grammar errors. Pay attention when typing the essay to make sure you won’t be tempted to include “text talk.” Remember, the spell check button in your word editor has been included there for a reason. Proofread and Edit  As you spellcheck the essay, make sure also to proofread the sentences to ensure they make sense. Check your citations to confirm they are in order and arranged properly. You can also use professional editing tools to go through the work as you check for other common errors that may be present.  Suppose you can do all this on your own, well and good! If not, you can always reach out to us for essay writing. We have a team of professional writers who can write application essays with ease, observing the recommended format and guidelines. 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