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A personal statement essay is arguably one of the most important academic papers for aspiring University students. It highlights your intellectual capacity and ability in showing how different events in your life helped shape your attitude. It’s like a mirror into the ‘whys’ and ‘how’ behind your qualities or achievements. Simply put, you cannot afford to deliver a sub-par essay – your academic future is on the line! Writing a great personal statement essay is your ticket to setting yourself apart from the rest of the list of deserving candidates – but it’s easier said than done. How are you going to convince the admission committee that you’re the best fit for the program in just a few pages of paper?  Writing a great personal statement demands top-notch writing skills. Skills that can be provided by professional writers from professional and legit writing services. The best essay writing service companies provide high-quality solutions to your writing assignments. However, if you really want to work on your paper on your own, here are seven important tips in writing personal statement essays. Hire a Writer Now! How to Write a Personal Statement Essay – 7 Important Tips There’s a lot that goes into creating a compelling personal statement essay. What should you include in the text? Which qualities or achievements should you emphasize? What about the essay structure? Yes, it’s a stressful and demanding process, but you can always opt to professional essay help online. Read on for some tried-and-true tips to write an impressive personal statement essay. 1. Do the Research – Plan, Plan, Plan! In the words of Benjamin Franklin – one of America’s Founding Fathers, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Before writing a personal statement essay, get your facts right! Dive deep into anything you can find about the institution or scholarship. 2. Essay Structure University and scholarship applications are highly competitive. There are hundreds or thousands of candidates fighting for a limited number of spots. With this in mind, the structure of your personal statement can make or break your eligibility for admission. The paper must be properly formatted with a tight structure that allows your ideas to flow logically. Ensure your introduction, body, and closing remarks are clear and captivating. The length of your sentences, paragraphs, and entire documents also play a crucial part in the readability of your paper. As a general rule of thumb, keep things short and sweet. You may also break up the content into sections using headings. 3. Engaging and Coherent Language Let your writing skills shine! Good writing abilities are crucial in any academic or professional assignment. How you write reveals a lot about your ability to think strategically, creatively, and critically. It also demonstrates your organizational skills, communication skills, and ability to express your ideas – all of which are important to the success of a student. When it comes to personal statements, ensure you showcase your ability to write persuasive and articulate papers. Use details and solid facts rather than vague clichés or generic terms – and don’t be extravagant with your claims. Remember, if you don’t have complete faith in your writing skills, you can easily find essay help online and leverage the abilities of experienced and professional essay writers. 4. Be Clear on Your Motives What makes you the ideal candidate? Why should the admissions board approve your application over those of other candidates? In some way, a personal statement essay is like a business pitch to a group of sharks. It has to appeal to the vision and culture of the board. It’s not just an essay to show off your academic achievements and accomplishments, show the admissions committee why you’re the most qualified. You can have the best GPA score possible, but unless you convince the readers that you’re ‘the guy,’ your achievements don’t matter as much. Let them know what you’ll bring to the table and why you believe you can flourish in the specific institution. 5. Provide Interesting Examples Are you creative and dedicated? Do you have strong problem-solving skills? If so, don’t just list these qualities, illustrate them with real-life examples. This helps paint a clear picture of your qualities and personality. It adds the ‘personal’ aspect to a personal statement essay. For example, if you claim to have strong leadership skills, provide an example of a believable moment when you used those skills to bring the best out of a group of people. These examples should be incorporated seamlessly and smoothly into your essay. Again, you can always find essay help online to “do my essay” from some of the best essay writing services. 6. Make the Story Compelling Highlight your professional aspirations and why you’re going for a particular field of study. This should be related to the institution’s reputation and career prospects. Elaborate on your relevant achievements and qualities – backed by solid evidence. Consider using the ABC (action, benefit, course) method – i.e., state an activity, show what you’ve gained from it, and describe how it relates to the current course in question. Part of creating a compelling essay includes less-than-favorable aspects. Human beings are not perfect, and admitting to some of your flaws makes your story believable and personal – it resonates with the admissions committee. 7. Proofread Thoroughly Proper spelling, punctuation, and use of grammar go a long way in any circumstance. Simple and unintentional mistakes in your personal statement are likely to attract a negative perception of your abilities. With this in mind, take the time to thoroughly review the statement before submission. Get a second option from a family member, a friend, or find essay help online from an expert at Cheapest essay writing service. This helps improve the accuracy of your proofreading efforts and provides an alternative perspective to improve aspects such as the clarity and tone of the personal statement. Why You Should Find Essay Help Online The pressure of writing an excellent essay, lack of ample time, and second-guessing your writing skills can severely hinder your ability to deliver a winning personal statement. When this is the case, you can find essay help online from “do my essay” services. The best essay writing services can help you write a personal statement essay to showcase your abilities and impress any admissions board. What are you waiting for? 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